TOEIC 企業 評価


So, when was your first time? What was it like?
;your first timeで初体験
;When did you lose your virginity?(いつ処女、童貞をすてたの?)
;What was it likeはいつ、どこで、誰と?をきき、How was it?は気持ちよかった?とかどうだった?という意味。


My first time was with a boy named Harold.


My first time was the worst.


This can't be your first time, can it?


You are not a virgin, are you?
;Are you still virgin?も同様な意味だけど、いずれにせよ、ストレートすぎる。


Are you this serious in bed?


Do you like to be ticked in bed?
;slap and tickleでくすぐりあいの意味
;How about a little slap and tickle.「エッチしようか?」
;That tickes「くすぐったい!」


Have you got any erogenous zones I should pay special attention to?
;ジースポットはそのままG-spot。Can you reach my G-spot?


Yes, and I'll introdece you to each and every one.


Where are you most sensitive?


I like it when you touch my ears.


I like to have my ears nibbled.


My ears are the most sensitive.

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